Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo Superior 10 anos 1
Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo Superior 10 anos 1

Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo Superior 10 anos

Bacalhôa Moscatel Roxo Superior 10 anos 2005 1
Tasting Note

This Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal 2005 has a golden colour, intense and complex aroma and flavours of orange blossom and peal, dry apricots, marmalade, raisins, figs, nuts and earl grey tea hints. It shows a full palate and a good balance between sweetness, acidity, bitterness and all the aromas.

Produced entirely from grapes of the Moscatel Roxo grape variety, from a single crop, from certified vineyards planted on the slopes of the Arrábida mountain range, Demarcated Region DO Setúbal. In the harvest of 2005, on September 7th, the grapes of Casal de Gatos and Quinta dos Nenasvineyards were harvested, which in this “terroir” always mature in the early days. The winemaking technology used is traditionally used in Setúbal wines from this region: after a short fermentation of the must in contact with the skins, selected wine spirits were added, which, when the fermentation stopped, allowed the preservation of the original sweetness of the grapes. The wine was kept during the winter in contact with its skins and then bled, and the pressed masses. A 13 year ageing period was followed in 200-liter oak barrels, served to whiskey, in a special warehouse where great thermal amplitudes are verified. These conditions of aging provoke a concentration and intensity of the aromas and flavors, which accentuates even more the unique personality of these wines. It was bottled on April 20th and 21th, 2021.

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Region Península de Setúbal
Grapes Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal
Type of Wine Fortified
Capacity 75cl
Ageing 13 years in Oak Barrels (200L capacity) previously used for malt whisky ageing and stored in a warehouse with a wide range of temperatures throughout the years.
Gastronomy This wine is ideal as an aperitif with foie gras or with a large variety of strong cheeses, as a digestive or together with a crème brûlée, dark chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts based desserts.
Service Temperature 12ºC - 14ºC
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