Food Quality and Safety Policy

The Bacalhôa Group is committed to promoting and developing the activities of companies, ensuring that products and services comply with all applicable legal and statutory requirements, as well as the needs and expectations of interested parties, namely customers and suppliers, to this end. if the following actions:


From the vine to the glass


- Offer sustainable products with high standards of quality and food safety, in order to meet regulatory standards and the expectations of customers and consumers, ensuring their recognition and increasing levels of trust and satisfaction;


- Adopt the principles of hazard analysis and risk prevention, in order to guarantee food safety, authenticity and legal compliance of the products supplied;


- Value and hold employees accountable by promoting their awareness and competence in the management of natural resources and waste, quality, and food hygiene and safety, fostering and consolidating a culture of environmental responsibility and food safety within the Group;


- Effectively manage and optimize the integrated management system, promoting continuous improvement, ensuring business viability and economic success;


- Ensure that relevant aspects are taken into account for the protection of ethics and social and environmental responsibility, and safety and health at work, encouraging and valuing teamwork and professional training;



January 9, 2024