By: Marketeer

Last December, the magazine Marketeer produced an article on what was the milestone of the year for Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal - the launch of Quinta da Bacalhôa Centenarium, a wine that marked the centenary reached by the company.


And it didn't just stop here in 2022. "To mark the date, the brand prepared several initiatives throughout the year, together with partners, customers and employees. Improvements were implemented in internal processes with the introduction of new software for the development of new products, the image of brands such as Terra Boa was renewed, a new Catarina Rosé was launched, a range of canned wines under the Casal Mendes brand and a unique and exclusive wine was presented, Quinta da Bacalhôa Centenarium."


Regarding the launch of the wine - “This wine was previously presented privately, exclusively, to decades-old partners, in a three-day event, where the brand received in Azeitão a group of 50 importers from the most varied parts of the globe, from the partners in the European market, those in Brazil, the United States and Canada, among others to which they mostly export. (…) Shortly after the exclusive launch of the Quinta da Bacalhôa Centenarium wine, the brand launched a new website, completely renovated, in partnership with M&A Digital.”


The Group’s marketing manager, Fábio Vieira, stated that “Managing a 100-year-old brand, especially in a sector like wine, where tradition and cultural heritage are essential, is a constant but passionate challenge, which I have embraced since 2018 (…). «We have to know how to reconcile our will and spirit of innovation without ever forgetting the company's roots and, more importantly, that what gives rise to everything comes from the earth, and that is why the sustainability project is so important for us. With good grapes, good wines are made and with that it is easier to build good brands.»”


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