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Terras da beira

Surrounded by mountains, it is identified as the steepest and most mountainous region in mainland Portugal.

Located in the heart of the northern interior, where the vineyards are planted in plateau or hillside areas, between 350 and 700 meters of altitude.



The region of Terras da Beira has a continental climate, characterized by its cold and rigorous winters and hot, dry summers. The altitude of the vineyards in the region, being very high, makes all the difference in the most critical stage of ripening of the grapes.



The soils are mostly granitic in nature, with some presence of schists and, although less common, some sandy ancestry.



The main red varieties in the region are Rufete, Touriga Nacional, Bastardo, Tinta Roríz and Trincadeira. In the case of white grapes, Fonte Cal, Syria, Malvasia and Arinto stand out.

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